Ganoderma Mushrooms

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Some medical practitioners are already experimenting on the use of this mushroom to enhance the immune system support of the body. Below we look at some of the positives and negatives of this possible wonder mushroom.

Healthy Ganoderma Mushrooms

Heart-friendly - This mushroom is also believed to be effective in inhibiting the platelets; it can also reduce blood pressure.

Diabetes patient friendly - The Ganoderma Lucidum also has blood-sugar lowering effect and has the ability to improve the plasma insulin levels.

Anti-inflammatory effects - If added and boiled in hot water, the substance can also be used for its anti-inflammatory effect.

Protection for the liver - People, who constantly drink beer and vodka, can make use of this as liver protector according to some researchers in China who believe it to be effective.

Possible Negative Effects of Ganoderma Lucidum

Some people who use the Ganoderma, are allergic to the components, this should not be used by individuals who are hypersensitive because it can make the skin feel itchy and cause red skin rash.

Some individuals have also reported to experience dry mouth, throat dryness and even that of nosebleed after the intake of Ganoderma.

In some instances, it was also reported to cause blood thinking, but can be used by people who have high blood pressure.

Points To Remember

The long term use of Ganoderma is not advisable, due to the fact that it can lead to gastric bleeding.

It should only be taken in small doses, in order to avoid causing blood stools and diarrhea.

Pregnant or lactating women are not advised to use this.

They have to consult a physician before they start using this herbal drug in order to avoid any potential side effects in the body.