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Study #1 - Ganoderma Lucidum

Since then numerous studies and research has been geared towards the Ganoderma mushroom and they have shown remarkable results. According to the studies, the mushroom increases respiratory performance in asthma patients as well as reducing the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Some experts indicate that the fungus is useful in fighting AIDS; research shows that the mushroom strengthens every region of the immune system, however the way it works or why it works is yet to be understood. The mushroom is the only producer of ganoderic acids, which among other amino acids and proteins in the mushroom give an overall enhanced immune system.

Scientists are still conducting research by trying to isolate the elements that make up the mushroom active ingredients; this will help in the development of more effective treatments. The best way to release the active ingredients in the mushroom is by soaking or adding powdered solution to boiling water, thereafter allowing it to simmer for a lengthy period. Moreover, the fungus is available as an additive to drink and food products such as Ganoderma enhanced coffee, tea or chocolate. Under extensive research carried out by scholars as well as clinical experiments and medicinal studies the properties and working principle of the mushroom is becoming clearer. It is widely known that the extract alkalizes and oxygenates the body, which helps in establishing good health and removing any kind of osteoblasts that are degenerating. Moreover it adjusts the body pH to the required level and helps in weight loss

Study #2 - Ganoderma Lucidum

Health benefits of Ganoderma mushroom explained by a different author.

Ganoderma mushroom is a common name for a fungus species Ganoderma lucidum, popularly known as red mushroom, Reishi or Lingzhi. The fungus has been utilized in different forms in the Asian continent and it is believed to posses numerous healing powers. Medical research on the fungus indicates that it has a wide range of medical applications, however understanding its working principle has proven difficult.

The mushroom grows as a parasite on lower trunks of deciduous trees such as maples. Although the mushroom is known to grow all over the world, it is a rare species and currently it is cultivated commercially. In terms of appearance the mushroom morphs from one stage to the next, typically, it ranges from brown or red brown but in other areas the colors have been known to vary according to stage. Asian medical practitioners have utilized the mushroom as a medicine for thousands of years. Moreover, it was reserved for the royal family, as it was believed to increase longevity. Some of the features of the fungus include anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, immuno-therapeutic among other beneficial features. According to research done by Japanese scientist, mice with cancer were injected with extract from the mushroom and after ten days of the study, the tumor dropped by 50%.


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